samedi 6 janvier 2007

Bo Dixon

Another day, another stud! For you (and especially for me) today: Bo Dixon! A Colt Model appearing for the first time in Minute Man 24.

Name: Bo Dixon/Tommy Gunnz
Birthdate: 20th September 1961
Birthplace: El Paso
Current Home: San Jose (California)
Sign: Virgo
Height: 6’1’’ (1,85 m)
Weight: 238 lb (107,95 kg)
Hair: Dark Brown

In the opening scene, Bo Dixon is a solid, bearded, furry muscleman taking a very slow and erotic shower — soaping up his massive chest, rippling abs, thick cock, and hairy balls. He constantly flexes and shows off those big guns as the water streams over his body. Bo bends over to display a very furry butt hole. His smile is intoxicating and seems genuine. You just want to hop into that shower with him and soap him all over, especially as he uses the soap as lubricant to pump up his dick. There is a tasty, close-up shot of his big protruding cock (almost like 3-D), and then suddenly he explodes in long, thick, white streams. He finishes off with a glorious, shit-eating grin that dares you to follow suit and shoot.

Currently, he has no porn project - just discussion with Colt to get a scene with a partner (Gage Weston maybe)... Let's hope we can see him in real action! Meanwhile, check some of those wonderful pics from various sets!

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